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Laser Cutting and Pressing in Melbourne | Hunt Lasercut


At Hunt Lasercut  we can cut a wide range of materials to suit your project. We offer the following laser cutting capabilities:

Mild Steel Up to 20mm thick
Bisalloy Up to 20mm thick
Stainless Steel Up to 16mm thick
Aluminium Up to 10mm thick
Galvanised All available thicknesses

Up to 6mm thick

Brass Up to 6mm thick
Zinc Seal/Anneal/Aluminised All available thicknesses

Edge Finishes

Mild Steel Smooth edge up to 12mm thick. Some edge surface roughnesss may be evident in thicker steel depending on grade of material.
Stainless Steel Bright oxide free edge
Aluminium Bright oxide free edge, slight hard burr on underside of aluminium over 4mm thick

Rotary Axis Capacity

Max. Pipe diameter 15mm to 315mm
Max. RHS size 200mm x 200mm
Max. Feedthrough size 155mm
Max. Processing length 2100mm

For information on materials not listed, please contact us


We are committed to providing excellence in laser cutting and customer service, ensuring benefits previously unavailable to your Industry.