Hunt Enginnering


Hunt Engineering has four self contained divisions, each with compatible manufacturing and professional skill sets.

The wide range of product designs, skills and modern facilities, under one umbrella, enable the company to manage diverse major projects.

Today, the groups' manufactured products encompass:

  • water storage tanks for the process industries and fire fighting services
  • laser cutting for commercial, industrial, domestic, architectural and automotive
  • generalised and specialised sheetmetal fabrication 'made to order" and
  • our unique open-web steel joists for use in the building and construction industry
  • Hunt Lasercut

    Hunt Lasercut have been operating since 1992 and provide a versatile lasercutting service to a wide range of industries. We provide technical excellence through our extensive experience in the industry with staff dedicated to understanding your specific needs, quick delivery time, high quality product, technical support and assistance.

  • Tank Industries

    Tank Industries designs, manufactures and installs water storage tanks for customers across Australia in the wide range of 10kl - 10ML.

  • Hopleys Steel Joist

    Hopleys Open Web Steel Joists are a range of lightweight, fully steel joists which can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Hopleys Fabrication

    Hopleys Fabrication currently boast a comprehensive range of state of the art manufacturing processes including lasercutting, brake presses, turret punching, rolling, guillotining, welding of all types of materials and other associated processes.